Monday, April 14, 2014

What A Week That Was!

What an incredibly busy, creative week I had last week!

I performed in Lourdes Uno's "Soft and Shiny" in  Take Ten 2014.
Although we only performed in the first round of heats - I was so proud of the work we did.
I was so fortunate to work with an incredible director - and two talented actresses - Sharlene Hartman and Heather Bithell.

Here is a cast shot with our lovely director!

I also had the opportunity to meet with screen legend, Louise Lasser (former Mrs Woody Allen)
I will be studying Meisner under her every Tuesday and Thursday.

I also did some voice over work for an Australian client.
As an Australian - I find that our National Anthem is a little bland and outdated.
Legal and I decided that we should push to have Banjo Patterson's
"Waltzing Matilda" as the official Australian National Anthem...without
the words!

Check out the video below!
Feel free to share this one ;)

This coming week... I will be appearing on "Good Morning America" tomorrow (4/15) for Liberty Tax.
You can stay up to date with my projects on IMDb 

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