Friday, July 25, 2014

This Just In... I have been cast as a day player on AMC/ Kevin Smith's "Comic Book Men"

So - NYC seems to be the place to be for acting at the moment!
I have been sent out to audition for some top-tier/A List projects.

The most recent show I have been cast in is AMC's "Comic Book Men" - helmed by none other than Kevin Smith!!!

I am so thrilled to work with the network that is responsible for "Breaking Bad" AND one of my all-time favorite directors - Kevin Smith.
(Fun fact - I used to LOVE "Mallrats" as a teenager growing up in Sydney, Australia)

I will be filming out at Kevin Smith's store on Wednesday, July 30th out in New Jersey.
Watch this space for more details!

...and as always - stay up to date with my latest projects at my IMDb page

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