Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Reality TV Pitch - "Made In New York" with Bandika Films

Remember a few weeks ago how I mentioned I was reuniting with the fabulous Mika Kenyah and Bandit 23 for a hosting project?

Well, we created a concept for a lifestyle/makeover show called "Made In New York".

Check out the sexy cast photo!

Some of you may be aware that I am also a makeup artist for film and TV 
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I help give women (with my business - Made In New York) a brand new look for a fresh new start!

I had the privilege of helping Georgia-based stand-up comedienne, Chelsea Taylor freshen herself up for the NYC market.

Flame and Regina came on board to help with hair and styling.

Check out this little clip from the beginning of the show below

You can see the full length sizzle reel on YouTube

Thanks so much to everyone involved in this project.  Hopefully this can be something we can develop into a full series down the line!

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