Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Been a little while since I made a post...

Well, spring is FINALLY here!
I have been working on a few fun projects these past few weeks.

2 weeks ago - I finally made my first guest star appearance on a new ESL series being filmed in Mt Vernon.

At this point in time, I can't divulge too much information - but I can reveal some wardrobe options!

Be sure to watch this space as more info is revealed...
I will be working for a few more days on this project over April.

In other exciting news, I am also helping work on a new sit-com pilot with some producer friends of mine.
We had a staged reading of the first draft of the script in Tribeca.
Such an exciting process to be a part of.
I decided to experiment with a different look, too.

This week - I am collaborating with Natalie G Sundling and Chris Gampat (aka The Phoblographer) for some photo shoots, Mika Kenyah to reshoot some scenes for indie horror "In Pain Lies Truth" (it's looking really good so far!!!) and will be shooting another episode of the ESL series.

Watch this space for more details!
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