Sunday, May 9, 2010

Andy Golub collaboration...

I collaborated with famous New York body-painter, Andy Golub ( Times Square on Thursday.

Andy is famous for painting his models in the middle of Times Square - and, on this occasion, we had an Emmy-award winning documentary crew film the shenanigans.

I knew it would be one helluva day. We initially did live painting in the middle of Times Square, which attracted its fair share of attention to say the very least. Then we had a more outrageous component to the day - we crashed Maria Abramovic's "The Artist is Present" at the MoMA and upstaged the nude performance artists.

Anyway...back to the story...

I would have to say that taking off my clothes in the middle of Times Square would have to be one of the craziest things that I have done in my time. It is incredibly nerve racking to put it mildly. You really have to psyche yourself up to do something like it. It's like pulling off a band-aid. It's more the "before" part that is scary.

Once I mustered up the courage to take off my clothes, you realize that all dignity is out the window.

We attracted all sorts of people - fellow artists, the press, tourists and more than your fair share of freaks. I literally stopped Times Square. That is a pretty cool thing to do.

After spending four hours in Times Square being painted and photographed, we moved on to part two of the collaboration.

The other model, Bella and I had to upstage the nude performers for Marina Abramovic's "The Artist is Present" at the MoMA. We got given a plan of action, and had our film crew go with us to get sneaky footage of the performance.

I knew that this was going to have repercussions, I just didn't know at what level. On a side note, I felt really disrespectful to Abramovic...I really think she is an incredible artist...but in hindsight, it was still pretty cool to do something so irreverent.

My instruction was to take my overcoat off in a position where there weren't many guards and just see how long I could get away with standing in the exhibition wearing only body-paint and a g-string. Then, when I would inevitably be escourted out of the MoMA, Bella would then take off her overcoat. The idea behind this was to be seen as two random people off the street - who coincidentally happen to love a bout of public nudity.

I went into position at the MoMA and took my overcoat off. I managed to get away with standing on display for about ten minutes until the guards cottoned on that I wasn't part of the exhibition. Needless to say, the guards did not find my little prank very funny, and I was "kindly" escourted out of the museum. The security guard who escourted me out asked for ID (which I didn't have on me) - and he threatened to hand me over to authorities.

*In my most personal and humble opinion, I think that the NYC cops have more important things to worry about than a silly prank by an artist...but there you go.*

Thank god my friend, Pete was there. I left all my things in Andy's car, and I had no way of contacting him. I felt very vulnerable and I didn't know what was going to happen, and if I was going to find Andy again very easily.

We were finally reunited after what seemed like forever...and we had a few drinks to take the edge off. I was a little shaken fretting whether or not I was going to find Andy.

We then crashed a few more art galleries around mid-town, and finished the night off at a Picasso exhibition. That was pretty cool.

When Andy gave me a lift back to the West Village, I thought that my crazy little day had come to an end...but oh no! This is where it gets really trippy... A woman in an overcoat with body paint is going to attract just a little bit of attention...I managed to attract the attention of some people partying in an ICE CREAM TRUCK! (Yes, you did read that right...)

They cried out to me and asked me to come on an adventure with them.

How could I resist? So I climbed in to the magical ice cream truck and met some advertising execs who rented an ice cream truck to party in ( you do...)

We then went to a bar in the Meat-Packing district called The Brass Monkey, where I chatted and partied with the advertising execs. They were total trippers. They do a lot of crazy publicity stunts.

Then I ended the evening at Company - the little bar across the street from my boyfriend's apartment.

What a surreal experience!

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