Sunday, May 23, 2010

Behind the scenes of the Party Ave web viral skit

I have finally landed my dream job!  I am now a reporter for "Party Ave TV" - a website that explores the social melting pot of people and music.

I was certainly thrown in at the deep end on my first day, and I loved every minute of it!

The first thing that we did was film a promotional skit that will be released as a web viral to promote the site.  We didn't have a good location to film at - so - I was quick to suggest the awesomeness that is Magicland...which proved to be a hit with the wonderful team.

I was fortunate enough to flex my acting muscles for the video - which was nice, because I haven't really been doing all that much acting of late...and it's nice to know that I wasn't rusty.

Look out for the web-viral on YouTube soon - it is going to be hilarious.

I also want to quickly acknowledge the wonderful Patricia Faolli for being such a legend and stepping in at the last minute to be the other actress in the sketch, Bryan Fitzgerald for his awesome acting skills, Yesenia Gonzalez for her wonderful direction and scripting and our producer/CEO, Rob Romulus. xx - don't forget to check out the site, tell your friends, and refer all your indie musician friends!!!!

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