Thursday, May 27, 2010

Brooklyn Bridal Shoot - by Jason Lanier

A few weeks back, I collaborated with "LA's Best Photographer" (according to Fox News)  Jason Lanier for a Bridal Shoot.
We racked our brains for a kick-ass location, and I could only suggest one place...Magicland!
He had a rental car, and all of his equipment, so it made perfect sense for him to drive to Williamsburg and park his car without any dramas.
Needless to say, Jason fell in love with location.  It is an incredibly versatile space - and the natural light that comes through in the afternoon is astounding.

Jason also had a spare dress with him - and my Brazilian room mate, Patricia came home just in time to be a bride, too!  We threw her in the deep end, but she rose to the challenge, and had a ball.  (You can read a bit about that in an earlier post of mine and see a shot of her with Jason in the loft)
The next stop was the famous Magicland rooftop.  We waited for the sun to go down a bit to get the perfect lighting - and decided that the Manhattan Skyline would be the perfect back-drop.

The rooftop is a little scary - there is no fence or barricade...and we're a significant way up...but, if you aren't drunk (or just lack spacial awareness and/or balance) - it really is a remarkable spot.

* How it passes building inspection in a country where they put warning labels on the most ridiculous things is beyond me...but, I guess that's part of Magicland's "charm".

A HUGE kudos to Jason for being such a good sport, and for producing some really beautiful images.

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  1. Ets molt bonica!
    T'he vist en el bloc d'en Kilter.
    Si vols pots visitar el meu bloc de pintura:

    Salut, i una abraçada des de Catalunya.(Catalonia is not spain!!!)