Monday, August 18, 2014

Jazz Age Lawn Party at Governer's Island

Although this event is totally unrelated to my acting - I thought these photos would be a lot of fun to share!

An actress friend of mine, Danielle Ma is moving back to her native LA - and she has been doing a NYC "bucket list" before she goes home.

I successfully woke up on Sunday and (with very little preparation) was able to pull off a pretty decent DIY costume in under an hour.
The event tied in with the final season of HBO's "Boardwalk Empire".  We were lucky enough to see some of the musical acts that have been featured in the series!
The costumes and activations at the venue were really something special!  The vintage cars were fun - and I just adored the Paper Moon portraits they had set up!
I then invited my friends back to mine for a "Reverse Brunch" - and the festivities continued with a Potluck Style dinner... 
I must say my guests were incredibly civilized and helpful!
Such an incredible event!

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