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“Champion” announcement

Directing singer/song writer in “Champion” music video with Opal Rose 
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Morbid Little Girl Productions

 I founded a production company on July 4, 2020. The logo is inspired by my love of “Jaws”. My sister and I used to draw pictures of sharks eating people. Olivia Perruzza has been my graphic designer. So far she has made these logos and posters for my movies 

Kickstarting Your Heart 😉

 Who can resist a leather catsuit and a hot motorcycle? 

2020 Headshots by Emily Lambert


Been a moment since I updated this blog!

 Hello world! I'm still active working as an actress.  You an see my latest reel at  IMDB I also have started up a production company -  MORBID LITTLE GIRL PRODUCTIONS We create original horror comedy content - and our first two films have been on the festival circuit. Stay tuned for more well overdue updates!

Black Canary Shoot with HJ Film World in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Early in June, I had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with Hasan Ali in Bushwick on his Superhero series. He cast me as Black Canary from Justice League - and the results are epic to say the least!

New Head Shots!

Just got my recent actors' head shots back from the fabulous Anthony Grasso! Here is my legit head shot - going for a bit of a Sharon Stone/Naomi Watts This is my commercial shot