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Booked an industrial for 3D Printing company - Tech-Designs

I will be hosting an industrial for New York City based 3D Printing company, Tech-Designs. Filming commences 4/27 You can learn more about their company by visiting their  website Stay up-to-date with my latest work on My IMDb Profile or visit my website

What A Week That Was!

What an incredibly busy, creative week I had last week! I performed in Lourdes Uno's "Soft and Shiny" in  Take Ten 2014. Although we only performed in the first round of heats - I was so proud of the work we did. I was so fortunate to work with an incredible director - and two talented actresses - Sharlene Hartman and Heather Bithell. Here is a cast shot with our lovely director! I also had the opportunity to meet with screen legend, Louise Lasser (former Mrs Woody Allen) I will be studying Meisner under her every Tuesday and Thursday. I also did some voice over work for an Australian client. As an Australian - I find that our National Anthem is a little bland and outdated. PMF Legal and I decided that we should push to have Banjo Patterson's "Waltzing Matilda" as the official Australian National Anthem...without the words! Check out the video below! Feel free to share this one ;) This coming week... I

Accepted into The Lasser Studio

I am absolutely ecstatic to announce that I will be studying under Louise Lasser ( Happiness, Requiem for a Dream ) as of next week. Miss Lasser has worked with some astounding directors during her time - including her ex-husband, Woody Allen, Darren Aronofsky and Todd Solondz I will be studying the Meisener technique under Miss Lasser.  I am so excited to be studying with such an icon!

Opening night of "Soft and Shiny"

Last night was opening night for Lourdes Uno's "Soft and Shiny" in our heat for Take Ten 2014. I had an absolute blast "treading the boards" again.  It has been 8 years since I have acted in my play! We are competing in another heat on Thursday night at Roy Arias Theatre, right in the heart of the Theater District. Fingers crossed that we make it through to the semi-finals on Saturday!   Lots of other exciting projects coming up! Don't forget that my indie short "Second Chance" will be released in May! Visit IMDb to stay up to date with my work!

On location for my Actors Access Slate Shot

I was thrilled to collaborate with "ImaginOcean" colleague - Philip Lakin yesterday at Digital Media Studios to film my Slate Shots for Actors Acess! Here is a still of me on set   I have a huge week with shows, voice overs and lots of other fun stuff! Stay up to date with me on  IMDb