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"Kids Get Dead 2" has a release date!

Yesterday, it was announced that "Kids Get Dead 2" will be released June 21st! I am so excited that the fruits of our labor will be shared with the world very soon! I play the role of "Shannon".  Although my role is very small - my on-screen death is up there with Drew Barrymore in "Scream".   It's very gory - and will certainly be iconic! The premier will be taking place in Tribeca - and the movie will be able to be purchased for download, on Blu-ray, DVD...and even VHS! In the meantime - check out the trailer on The Official Website ...and as always - you can visit my IMDb Profile to stay up to date with my latest film and TV projects!

Watch the trailer for "Kids Get Dead 2"

Watch the trailer for my latest movie - "Kids Get Dead 2"!  Keep in mind it is a horror movie!  Definitely NSFW! I had a total blast working on this film.  It certainly was a messy production!  You can also visit the  Official Site to learn about the prequel  - "Kids Go To The Woods - Kids Get Dead" "Kids Get Dead 2" is being released this summer!  Watch this space for more details!

This Just In! The Posters for "Kids Get Dead 2"

A project I worked on back late in 2012 is about to be released!  "Kids Get Dead 2" is slated for a summer 2014 release. I was very closely involved in this film.  I was part of the casting process (an extremely important learning tool as an actor) as well as playing a really fun role.  Watch this space for more details! Visit IMDb for more details

Stills from "Second Chance"

Back in March, I worked on an indie short "Second Chance".  Our fabulous director, Mike Randazzo is getting ready to send the project off for festival submission. I have a supporting role playing a bitchy doctor who gets into a scuffle with the protagonist. Check out the pics below!