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A quick homage to the acting and modeling projects I worked on 2014

2014 has been a great year professionally. I have worked with some incredible people in both the acting and modeling world. Finally - I can announce that I will be filming an indie horror/short called "Don't Despair" - directed by Alfred Giancarli this weekend. It's a really brutal, edgy story - I initially read for another role - but got cast in another part. Watch this space to hear about what goes on during production! Happy New Year, y'all!!!

Greek Goddess shoot by Natalie G Sundling

What a wonderful year it has been!  I am so blessed to have been working with such incredible people this year. One of my favorite people to collaborate with has been Natalie G Sundling. As a special request - she asked me if I would do a Greek Goddess Shoot. Check out the images below! oh - and Happy Holidays!  I hope you all have a wonderful Festive Season

Check out The Phoblographer's latest article - Chris Gampat creates "The Windy Umbrella"

As you saw from my last post, I had mentioned I shot with Chris Gampat (The Phoblographer) this weekend in Bushwick, Brooklyn. This all tied in to his latest article for "The Phoblographer" You can read the article here Also - check out the final render of the shot... It's a beauty! Also - check out his article about 25 fail-proof ways to pose a model by clicking here This image was shot in Battery Park City during the summer

Umbrella Photo Shoot with the Phoblographer in Bushwick, Brooklyn

The end of the year is getting close - so before it gets absolutely freezing, Chris Gampat (The Phoblographer) and I decided to collaborate before 2014 comes to an end. We experimented with the Elinchrom light umbrella. It was a gruelling shoot - the umbrella had no handle and was super heavy...but the photos made it totally worth it!

Announcements and a sneak peak of my 2015 Head Shot session

It's official! I can now announce that I will be working on my first film project for 2015. I will be in the thriller/horror "Don't Despair" directed by Alfred Giancarli. Michael Hall (director of "Kids Get Dead 2) will be acting as DOP on this project. We go into production early January! I also collaborated with the insanely talented Ashley Anderson today to get some new head shots for 2015. Here's a sneak peek of what we shot today on the Upper East Side! I also collaborated on a very different project for PMF Legal. Dr Stephen Hawking has expressed his desire to be a Bond Villain... I did some rapping (yes - you read that right!!!) Post by Paul Fordyce .   Show some support for this! I think he'd be amazing!

Bushwick Hipster Photoshoot with The Phoblographer

Shot these beauties a few weeks ago with the fabulously talented Chris Gampat - aka - The Phoblographer in Bushwick, Brooklyn. We went for the "Bushwick Hipster" theme. Had a lot of fun running around that day... Who could ever guess that it was freezing that day? We will be collaborating again on Sunday! I can't wait to see what he comes up with next! Also - check out an additional picture from The Photogduck (aka Owen Duckett) from the Soho Shoot this weekend Next up - I will be collaborating with Natalie G Sundling before she returns to her native Sweden, and I will also be getting my 2015 actor's head shots! Busy, busy!!! Stay tuned for more updates here or at my official website

Photoshoot in Soho over the weekend with The Photogduck

Had a wonderful photo shoot with Owen Duckett (aka @Photogduck) this weekend in Soho. His style is more "fly on the wall" - but I loved his candid shots he took! Check them out! Also visit and support Owen's work at Quack Nation

Sneak peek from my rehearsal for an upcoming Indie Thriller/Horror

Here's a sneak peek from a project I will be filming early next year! I'm really excited to be working on this project. I can't divulge too much information at this stage - but I can share this little clip from my rehearsal. A very dark role for me - but I'm really excited about sinking my teeth into it! In the meantime, stop by IMDb to check out other projects I've been working on.

Lingerie shoot by Natalie G Sundling

Here are the final pictures from my most recent collaboration with Sweden's Natalie G Sundling. Went for something a little more vampy for the winter months!

Behind the scenes - Another collaboration with the fabulous and hilarious Natalie G Sundling

What's a gal to do on a rainy day? A photo shoot, of course! Here are some behind the scenes pictures from an impromtu shoot at my apartment today in Battery Park City. I can't wait to see what the actual shoot turned out like!