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Another exciting week ahead!

 As an actress living in NYC - I can honestly say that it never gets boring! I have been going out for some really fun auditions lately, and am honing in on my craft with my amazing coach - Anthony Grasso. I have a little demo clip from "Leaving Las Vegas". I've been exploring being more still on camera - and neutralizing my Australian accent for roles. As always - you can stay up to date on the latest projects I've been working on at IMDb

Reunited with Bandika Films for a Lifestyle Channel Competition!

Yesterday, I was reunited with Mika and Bandit from Bandika Films. We have collaborated on a lot of projects over the years (notably on Bandit 23's "Possessed By The Jacket" music video.)  [pictured below] For this particular project, we are pitching a concept as an entry for a Lifestyle Channel competition.  I can't disclose too much information, except that I will be featured as the host of a reality series. Check out the picture of us - along with stand-up comedian,  Chelsea Taylor! Such a fun afternoon working with these talented folk!

Another "Kids Get Dead 2" Screening Party in Astoria!

This just in!  Get your dose of boobs, blood and rock 'n' roll September 10 at Bowery Bay Bar! "Kids Get Dead 2" is going to have another screening at an awesome Gastro-pub just off Ditmars Blvd in Astoria, Queens. Come down and enjoy a night of B-grade horror, cool swag - and meet our awesome director/writer, Michael Hall! "Kids Get Dead 2" is an awesome movie to enjoy with a big group of friends - and a few drinks added to the mix never did any harm, either! Also - I'm really excited to go to Bowery Bay - the menu looks really good! Check out their site See ya there!