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Sneak peek from my photo shoot with FotoBrad last night

This collaboration had been a long time coming! Here's a little sneak peek of some screen grabs I got from my shoot with Bradley Thornber (aka Fotobrad) He's an insanely talented photographer - and super tech-savvy! I can't wait to see how these turn out in post!

DITA Eyewear Industrial/Commercial shoot

January's proven to be a very busy month for me! I have been so lucky with gigs! The most recent project I worked on was for DITA Eyewear.  A luxury eyewear brand from Los Angeles. I worked with Between Pictures in Nolita for this two day shoot. I had a great time working for this brand... and I might even pass as intelligent with the glasses on :P Here are some behind the scenes shots below: and here are some screen grabs from the gig!

Recent project for a new Viacom series on Spike TV

What an incredible week it has been this week! My agent, Katherine Mesa from MWA booked me for a gig last minute for a new Viacom series on Spike TV! I had no idea what I was getting myself into! It was a ghastly day outside on Sunday with all that icy rain in New York City. I woke up early on Sunday and braved the nasty weather. I went over to ABC studios and found out that I was working with Jimmy Fallon! At this stage, I can't reveal what the project is due to an NDA I signed. I can share a couple of behind-the-scenes shots that were taken during that day. Watch this space to find out the A-listers I also worked with that day!

Today's shoot for "Manhattan Up"

2015 is already shaping up to be a very exciting year indeed. I hosted another segment for Soho West NJ's "Manhattan Up" In this segment - we did a guide for fun things to do during the winter in NYC. Here are some stills taken at the Rockefeller Center's Ice Skating Rink  Don't forget to follow @SohoWestNJ on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! Next up - I am shooting a fashion industrial for a luxury sunglasses range!

New Showreel for 2015 up on

Just had the fabulous Alicia Brockway (aka The Reel Girl) update my showreel for my website! Come stop by and check out some of my material. I will be adding more footage throughout the year!

Sneak Peek at "Don't Despair"

Here are a few screen grabs from Alfred Giancarli/Dark Star Entertainment's "Don't Despair" filmed up in Pelham Bay Park in The Bronx. Huge kudos to my fellow castmates - Erin Etheridge and Kevin Reed. Also thanks to Alfred, Michael Hall and Robert Huntley for making this such a memorable project! Stay tuned for upcoming still and teasers! As always - stay up to date on projects at IMDb

Final selections for my 2015 actor's head shots

Huge thanks to my dear friend, Ashley Anderson for these awesome images! 2015 Legit Head Shot 2015 Commercial Head Shot Additional images

Behind the scenes from the set of "Don't Despair"

Well 2015 is already off to a bang. I had the pleasure of reuniting with Darkstar Entertainment to film Alfred Giancarli's thriller/horror short "Don't Despair". Here are some behind the scenes pictures taken on set today. Huge kudos to Shelly Guitierrez and her incredible makeup artistry. The whole cast and crew were amazing to work with. Stay tuned for some screen grabs on set!