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Black Canary Shoot with HJ Film World in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Early in June, I had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with Hasan Ali in Bushwick on his Superhero series. He cast me as Black Canary from Justice League - and the results are epic to say the least!

New Head Shots!

Just got my recent actors' head shots back from the fabulous Anthony Grasso! Here is my legit head shot - going for a bit of a Sharon Stone/Naomi Watts This is my commercial shot

TV Work

These past couple of months have been incredible with the influx of work! I have been fortunate enough to work on an English Language series for a client. It was one of the most amazing productions I've worked on. The cast and crew were just delightful. Here is a shot of me playing "Uma" on the show. More details to be released once the project has been released. I also worked on the show "Monsters Inside Me" for Discovery ID. Great couple of days shooting in Brooklyn and a creepy, abandoned hospital out in Newark, NJ. I also worked with my youngest co-star - a 15 month old baby.  That was quite the experience in itself! I play the mom of a child who contracts a virus.  The wardrobe was hilarious! I felt so basic playing a Texan woman!

Short hair, don't care!

Been a little while since I last updated my blog! Been so busy not that the warmer months are upon us. Decided to chop my locks off to sport a shorter hair style. Will be posting more updated shots soon! Picture credit - Bradley Thornber - aka Fotobrad Photo Credit - Nuno DaSilva (aka Les Yeux) Photo Credit - Bradley Thornber (aka Fotobrad) Photo Credit - Natalie G Sundling

Recent photoshoot with Natalie G Sundling

Spring is in the air!  I decided to embrace a more ethereal look to bring in the season!

"Don't Despair" has been released today!

Back in January - I had the pleasure of reuniting with Michael Hall ("Kids Get Dead 2") on an indie short "Don't Despair" (dir. Alfred Giancarli) Casting began back in late December - and I had initially read for the role Erin Etheridge would go on to play.  I initially had my eye on this role - but was offered the supporting role of "Masterpiece". I dropped a lot of weight for the role - and did the infamous Master Cleanse to help me get into the world of this character.  I also had the best time preparing for it! Usually, an actor spends a lot of time preparing to look their very best for a part. In my case, I spent a lot of nights at home in my sweatpants - and I didn't wash my hair for about 4 days leading up to the shoot! (gross!!! :D) You can now see the film (also has the option of Spanish subtitles) here  I was so thrilled to have had the opportunity to explore a much darker role.  Also - reuniting with the some of th

Been a little while since I made a post...

Well, spring is FINALLY here! I have been working on a few fun projects these past few weeks. 2 weeks ago - I finally made my first guest star appearance on a new ESL series being filmed in Mt Vernon. At this point in time, I can't divulge too much information - but I can reveal some wardrobe options! Be sure to watch this space as more info is revealed... I will be working for a few more days on this project over April. In other exciting news, I am also helping work on a new sit-com pilot with some producer friends of mine. We had a staged reading of the first draft of the script in Tribeca. Such an exciting process to be a part of. I decided to experiment with a different look, too. This week - I am collaborating with Natalie G Sundling and Chris Gampat (aka The Phoblographer) for some photo shoots, Mika Kenyah to reshoot some scenes for indie horror "In Pain Lies Truth" (it's looking really good so far!!!) and will be shooting

Behind the scenes of "In Pain Lies Truth"

Collaborated for my third week in a row with the fantastically talented Mika Kenyah (aka Mika Madness) on her short film submission for Chiller's Killer Shorts (part of Syfy Channel) We all wore many hats last night. Mika wrote, directed and acted.  Bandit23 shot, edited and performed. I was cast as a lead and did makeup. Great late night shoot for the first day of spring. Check out the gory pictures from behind the scenes! Watch this space for more details for when this project is released. Also - check out my other work on IMDb

More collaborations with Mika Madness and Bandit 23

Saturday was a productive and creative day! I teamed up with Mika Kenyah and Bandit 23 to shoot some horror and comedy vines. I created a sketch that was based on a true incident that happened to me once on a date. I was also able to utilize my makeup artistry for some horror material we shot. Don't forget you can follow @MikaMadness and @Bandit23 on Vine. They make incredibly funny and creative six second videos! Also stay up to date with my posts on Vine at

Vine Videos with Mika Madness and Bandit23

Had the pleasure of reuniting with longtime friends and collaborators - Mika Kenyah and Bandit 23 for some new vine videos. Both Mika and Bandit have a cult-like following on Vine. Mika is known for her "Six Second Horror" movies and Bandit does more obscure off-the-wall humor. The first videos we shot were a 2 part segment. I was able to bring my makeup artist skill to the table, too! (Don't forget you can follow me on  Tumblr !) We payed homage to one of my all-time favorite horror movies "The Exorcist" Here is the first video called "Lady Problems" @MikaMadness on Vine The second video was called "The Vine Exorcism" - which parodies what is trending on Vine right now - and what basic white women like. Stay tuned for another post with the next vine video we post! Follow me on Vine

Work with Natalie G Sundling

Teamed up with my gal, Natalie G Sundling recently for a photo shoot. As always, her images are stunning. Check out her work here

Pictures back from my amazing photoshoot with Bradley Thornber (aka PhotoBrad)

Got these gems back from the amazingly talented Fotobrad yesterday. Check them out! Then go check out his Fan Page !

Poster for "Don't Despair"

Production is coming along nicely for the indie short "Don't Despair" - a project I worked on early this year with Darkstar Entertainment. You can read about my other projects at IMDb