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Just been cast as the face for The Tiffen Company's latest product!

The gigs just keep rolling in! I truly am so fortunate to be in a city where I am continuously being inspired by my peers. Today, I got cast as the face for camera accessory company - The Tiffen Company I will be shooting a lifestyle type shoot to showcase their new product. Stay tuned to see some behind the scenes photos posted in the next few days! I will also be shooting with PhotoBrad (aka - Bradley Thornber),  Chris Gampat (aka - the Phoblographer) and Sweden's Natalie G Sundig!

Some behind the scenes footage from Soho West NJ's "Manhattan Up"

Here are some videos of me at Golf and Body NYC filming for "Manhattan Up". The staff were really friendly (and patient!!!) during our visit. Huge thanks to the tremendous production crew - W Studios NYC - they always do a terrific job! Here is a sneak peek of me filming the intro to the webisode... and another of me learning how to putt... Clearly, I'm no candidate to be in the PGA - but it was certainly fun to learn the basics of another skill set whilst on the job! Don't forget - you can visit to see some other episodes of "Manhattan Up" - as well as following them @SohoWestNJ on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Finished photos from my photo shoot with Peter Bolte!

So, Peter was such a rock star - and sent over 3 kick-ass images from today's shoot! I was pretty pleased with what we came up with!

Sneak peek from "Manhattan Up" shoot!

I reunited with the brilliant team from W Studios NYC to film two more episodes of web series "Manhattan Up". I filmed a segment at rooftop bar - 230 Fifth yesterday It was an absolutely stunning and iconic venue! I also filmed another episode at Golf and Body NYC today. Check out some fun behind the scenes shots!  I even got to learn a little bit of golf! To learn more about the series - visit You can also follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter - @sohowestnj

Sneak peek from my fall photo shoot with Peter Bolte

Today, I had the pleasure of working with a filmmaker I met nearly four years ago whilst drunkenly waiting for the subway! It's been years since then - and we've always wanted to stay in touch.  We've been trying to collaborate for years - and we have FINALLY had the chance to collaborate. Peter Bolte is a very talented and versatile film maker - check out his IMDb Profile to learn more about the projects he's worked on. His most notable work to date was as the cinematographer for the HBO documentary " Casting By " (which was nominated for an Emmy Award this year!) We got some great shots in Thompkin's Square Park in the East Village. Here is a snap he took just after we wrapped today!

Filming another episode of "Manhattan Up" for Soho West NJ

I am thrilled to be collaborating with the awesome team at W Studios tomorrow to film another segment for "Manhattan Up". I filmed a segment back at the end of summer that will be going live next month on their website Watch this space to see some behind the scenes photos tomorrow!

Exciting things in the pipeline for this week!

This week has been action-packed! I am thrilled to announce that I am a part of a photography/art exhibition project (top secret for now - but more to be revealed in town.) I am also filming another episode of "Manhattan Up" with W Studios late this week. The really exciting news is that I will be having my wardrobe fitting for "Make It Big" language videos.  The series goes into production next week and we go through until April 2015.

Just been cast as a suppoting role in a new series!

This just in... My agent, Janine Cerny from Ramona's Models and Talent contacted me today to inform me that I have been cast to play an Australian photographer in a new series. I am absolutely thrilled to have booked a substantial gig. More information to come as I get more details! Filming for the series commences October - and will be filming until April of next year. To learn about other projects I've been working on - visit My IMDb Profile

Johnny Walker Gold Label Reserve Party!

Represented Johnny Walker Gold Label Reserve last night at Gilded Lily in NYC's Meatpacking District. Such an incredible event to be a part of! Behind the scenes with some of the other models! The Dolls and Spencer Ludwig added an extra touch of awesome with their music! Give kudos to Abey from Makeup Pro who did my makeup for the event! Makeup Pro did all of the models' makeup for this special event! ...and an awesome photo with one of our guests!

Fun demo from "Basic Instinct"

I have reprized the role of Catherine Trammell from "Basic Instinct". Just thought I'd start your Saturday night off with a fun clip. She's such a master manipulator - and the word-play in this scene is phenominal!

Sneak Peek of the TV series I shot today!

Today, I reunited with Optomen Productions to shoot another episode of a Travel Channel Series! I played Mass Audubon founder, Harriet Hemenway  The real Harriet Hemenway I also played an early feminist - and told the story of how pants came to exist More will be revealed about this fun project in early 2015! In the meantime, keep checking back on my blog or visit IMDb

Watch me get interviewed by muppets at "Kids Get Dead 2" premiere

Check out the footage of me being interviewed by some muppets on "Bill and Erin" This was from the premier for "Kids Get Dead 2" back in June.  Such a fun night!  There is an encore screening at Pop Bar in Astoria coming up October 21! Be sure to stop by to get your scares before Halloween! 

Now on Ello! I am now up and running on Ello! Follow me and I will return the favor! 

Updates to social media for the fall

I gave the blog a nice little fall update!  Also - when I am not working as an actress, I dabble in makeup artistry.  You can follow me on Tumblr at There is also my Facebook Fan Page - Makeup By Bec Fordyce-  Come stop by and say hi! 😊

Now a Viner!

After hearing so many of my friends rave about Vine - I finally have succumbed. You can follow me on Vine @becfordyce See little clips from work I have done in 6 second burst - for all of you with short attention spans!

On hold for a new series!

This just in! I am on hold for a new series.  I can't divulge too much information just yet - but I will once/if I am booked for this. Also - I have been booked on a really exciting and ground-breaking concept photo shoot.  Again - I have to keep tight-lipped on it for now - but be sure to check back on the blog to find out more details! What a great week it has been so far! 

Booked another guest star role on Travel Channel's "MonumentalMysteries"!

Tonight I received a phone call from the good people at Optomen Productions. I will be appearing in another episode of "Monumental Mysteries" next series. Watch this space for more info!  In the meantime - here is another photo from the awesome shoot I did with The Phoblographer in Bushwick...

Reality TV Pitch - "Made In New York" with Bandika Films

Remember a few weeks ago how I mentioned I was reuniting with the fabulous Mika Kenyah and Bandit 23 for a hosting project? Well, we created a concept for a lifestyle/makeover show called "Made In New York". Check out the sexy cast photo! Some of you may be aware that I am also a makeup artist for film and TV  (you can follow me on Tumbr or my My Facebook Fan Page ) I help give women (with my business - Made In New York) a brand new look for a fresh new start! I had the privilege of helping Georgia-based stand-up comedienne, Chelsea Taylor freshen herself up for the NYC market. Flame and Regina came on board to help with hair and styling. Check out this little clip from the beginning of the show below You can see the full length sizzle reel on YouTube Thanks so much to everyone involved in this project.  Hopefully this can be something we can develop into a full series down the line!

More photos from my photoshoot with The Phoblographer in Bushwick

I've been looking over the files from the shoot Chris Gampat and I did last week! So many wonderful images came out of this shoot! Check these beauties out!

Check out the latest photos from my shoot with Chris Gampat (aka - ThePhoblographer)

I'm Absolutely over the moon with how these images turned out!  We shot in (according to Vogue) the 6th hippest neighborhood in the world right now - Bushwick (Brooklyn, NY) Next, we hit up The Graham Bar to shoot some more experimental type shots. These kind of remind me of something you would see in a film noir...

Add "Kids Get Dead 2" to your Halloween movie collection!

October is fan appreciation month! To say thanks! Darkstar Entertainment is giving fans digital downloads of "Kids Get Dead 2" for $5!  Visit to get yours today!  ...and if THAT wasn't enough... We are slashing (pardon the pun!) merchandise! Get a t-shirt for $5 and be the envy of all your horror movie fan friends! As always... visit to stay in touch! Stay up to date with the film and TV projects I am doing and have coming up at IMDb

Sneak Peek from Behind the Scenes of my first photoshoot for the fall!

 A little sneak peek from my latest photo shoot in Bushwick (Brooklyn, NY) with The Phoblographer's   Editor-in-Chief, Chris Gampat! We shot some really fun stuff around the neighborhood. I did a lot of climbing, swinging and posing against some awesome murals. Watch this space to see the final results! Also - make sure you check out The Phoblographer's Website