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Showing posts from February, 2015

Poster for "Don't Despair"

Production is coming along nicely for the indie short "Don't Despair" - a project I worked on early this year with Darkstar Entertainment. You can read about my other projects at IMDb

Beauty Dish testing with The Phoblographer

Check out these amazing shots for an upcoming article on Beauty Dishes by The Phoblographer (Chris Gampat) I was pretty thrilled with the results!

Recent photoshoot with The Phoblographer in Williamsburg

Collaborated with one of my favorite photographers, Chris Gampat (aka The Phoblographer ) and braved the low 30's to take some Lady Gaga-inspired shots. Freezing cold - but the images were worth it!

BTS picture from "Hotels By Day" industrial shoot

Worked on a small project yesterday for Start-Up company Hotels By Day at Flatiron Hotel yesterday. We shot some media footage for Vine - and this will be going live early next week! Here's a little behind the scenes shot in the meantime!

Polaroids from my shoot with FotoBrad (aka Bradley Thornber)

Here are some fun Polaroids taken by FotoBrad from our shoot last Friday. He's an amazingly talented photographer - and all-round awesome guy. This is just a sneak peek of the shoot we did. Also - follow Brad on Instagram and Twitter @FotoBrad or checkout his facebook fan page Nelly Spillane's You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter @BecFordyce