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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

 My friend, (actress and director) Lourdes Uno nominated me last night to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It certainly has been controversial - but it is a cause I wholeheartedly support. Watch my video here. Thank you again for the nomination, it is a cause I am proud to raise awareness for. To learn more about the cause, please visit

Sneak Peek of my Guest Star role on a Travel Channel Series

Today I filmed a segment for a Travel Channel Series with Optoman Productions. I can't disclose too much info just yet - but I can share these fun photos from the set today! I played a wife of an inventor in the 1890's   The series will air in Spring 2015! I also did a small cameo as a woman in 1915

Read My Top 10 Restaurats on The Besty

I was approached by the celebrity manager (sign of things to come with my career?!) of Foodie Website The Besty. I have traveled extensively in the last 5 years - and have chosen my favorite spots in my home city - New York, my native country - Australia and one of my favorite trips - Shanghai. Come check out what places topped my list! You can also create your profile - or search for other celebrities' picks - like Taylor Schilling or Leonardo DiCaprio. Stay tuned for my next entry - I am going to be working on Travel Channel's "Monumental Mysteries" tomorrow!

Reunited with the fantastic team from W Studios!

This week has been a wonderful week acting-wise! I teamed up with W Studios (@sohowestnj) to shoot a little segment for their web-series -  "Manhattan Up" We previously collaborated on a shoot for Cast Iron Lofts in New Jersey - read about the shoot from a previous blog entry  here Check out the pictures from the shoot today!  I even made a new friend - Blazing Bill! My segment will be airing in November, 2014... Stay tuned to watch the final product! Next up... I will be guest-starring in a Travel Channel TV series. I film on Friday!

Stretching my range...

I have been studying under one of my long-time coaches, Anthony Grasso again for the last few weeks. I love his classes - he is a working actor - and he shares such profound insights with us. My challenge has been remaining still on camera. Anthony decided to stretch my range with a scene from the 70's film "Klute".  I play Bree - an actress who moonlights as a high-class call girl. I had such a breakthrough last night - and was able to come up with some of my best work to date. Check it out!  I am so thrilled with what I was able to bring to the table with this role.

Jazz Age Lawn Party at Governer's Island

Although this event is totally unrelated to my acting - I thought these photos would be a lot of fun to share! An actress friend of mine, Danielle Ma is moving back to her native LA - and she has been doing a NYC "bucket list" before she goes home. I successfully woke up on Sunday and (with very little preparation) was able to pull off a pretty decent DIY costume in under an hour. The event tied in with the final season of HBO's "Boardwalk Empire".  We were lucky enough to see some of the musical acts that have been featured in the series! The costumes and activations at the venue were really something special!  The vintage cars were fun - and I just adored the Paper Moon portraits they had set up! I then invited my friends back to mine for a "Reverse Brunch" - and the festivities continued with a Potluck Style dinner...  I must say my guests were incredibly civilized and helpful! Such an incredible event!

Booked a Guest-Star role on a new Travel Channel series

Happy Hump Day! Just got confirmed to be a part of a new history series on Travel Channel. I can't reveal too much information just yet - but I can tell you that I will be filming next Wednesday (August 20) Watch this space for more info! In the meantime - keep up to date with my latest projects here or IMDb

Updated Website!

One of the biggest challenges as an actor is our website. I feel that it is always in a state of being a "work in progress". That being said - I am thrilled to announce I have new reel footage, an updated bio and some new photos in the gallery! Come stop by and see what I've been working on lately [scene from Mike Randazzo's "Second Chance"] More "Mr Sparkle" madness! (not actually featured on website - but I love these images!)

Photo shoot with Editor-in-Chief of Phoblographer - Chris Gampat

Last week was certainly a very busy week for me! I was fortunate enough to have my friend (and insanely talented photographer) Chris Gampat help me update my portfolio. We shot around my beautiful adopted neighborhood of Battery Park City last Tuesday afternoon.  It was extremely fortunate that the weather wasn't too humid! Check out the results!  I certainly was thrilled with how they turned out! The Phoblographer is about photography reviews, tips, news, and culture. We explore the photography world and pop culture’s affects on the art form. Plus, we bring you all of our stories from a real world and down to earth perspective. Read more at

Kids Get Dead 2 Screening Party in Astoria - August 10, 2014 at The Pop Bar

It was another awesome night of boobs, blood and rock n roll at The Pop Bar in Astoria! The screening was a huge success - and the movie certainly is a great film to watch with a group of friends.   I had such a blast reuniting with some of the cast and crew of "Kids Get Dead 2"!  My wonderful date for the night was none other than the maven of horror herself - Lourdes Uno (actress, director and fellow Australian!) "Kids Get Dead 2" is available to purchase at the official website You can also purchase awesome merchandise - and other films by the awesomely talented Michael Hall! (pictured below) ...oh...and *fact* "Kids Get Dead 2" WILL get you LAID.... (It must be true if the director says so, right??!)

The Odyssey Project

  This weekend - I was a part of a staged reading of "The Odyssey Project". eXit Productions had a collective of actors read all 24 books over the weekend (12 books per day over 12 hours) I was fortunate enough to participate on the Saturday... I even got to read my favorite book - Book 9 - The Cyclops Story!!! Here's an extract from book 9! ...note my fantastic nod and wink to the Romans with my Steve Madden Gladiator Sandals! ...and one more little excerpt for you to enjoy!

Come and support Indie Horror at the "Kids Get Dead 2" Premiere in Astoria, Queens!

There is a pivotal screening of "Kids Get Dead 2" this Sunday at The Popbar in Astoria. Come meet some of the cast and crew from this movie on Sunday night (August 10, 9:30pm) We have awesome drink and wings specials - and cool swag! I was involved in many facets of this project - from casting to makeup department - and even "baring all" in a guest-star role! You can read a little more about the project on IMDb It's going to be a night of boobs, blood and rock 'n' roll! Here are some of the rave reviews we've been getting: "You’re going to have a helluva lot of fun!" - Cinema Slasher "When you want a fun horror film, this is exactly what you are looking for." - Nerdly "As good of a choice for a great B-movie night with a large group of friends as you can get!" - B - Is For Best "The benchmark of the genre!" - Finally - check out the trailer to see what you're

Performing a table read of "The Odyssey" by Homer this weekend!

Really thrilled to announce I will be collaborating with a collective of actors this weekend to read "The Odyssey".  We are reading all 24 books over 24 hours (12 hours Saturday and Sunday) at West 107 Restaurant - just near Columbia University! I will be reading books 5, 9 and 11 on the Saturday... Should be an exciting afternoon... I'm wondering if I should go "double Homer" and wear my Mr Sparkle t-shirt... What do you think??? ;)