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New Head Shots!

Just got my recent actors' head shots back from the fabulous Anthony Grasso! Here is my legit head shot - going for a bit of a Sharon Stone/Naomi Watts This is my commercial shot

TV Work

These past couple of months have been incredible with the influx of work! I have been fortunate enough to work on an English Language series for a client. It was one of the most amazing productions I've worked on. The cast and crew were just delightful. Here is a shot of me playing "Uma" on the show. More details to be released once the project has been released. I also worked on the show "Monsters Inside Me" for Discovery ID. Great couple of days shooting in Brooklyn and a creepy, abandoned hospital out in Newark, NJ. I also worked with my youngest co-star - a 15 month old baby.  That was quite the experience in itself! I play the mom of a child who contracts a virus.  The wardrobe was hilarious! I felt so basic playing a Texan woman!

Short hair, don't care!

Been a little while since I last updated my blog! Been so busy not that the warmer months are upon us. Decided to chop my locks off to sport a shorter hair style. Will be posting more updated shots soon! Picture credit - Bradley Thornber - aka Fotobrad Photo Credit - Nuno DaSilva (aka Les Yeux) Photo Credit - Bradley Thornber (aka Fotobrad) Photo Credit - Natalie G Sundling