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More photos of the KGD2 Premiere

Still blown away by how much fun this film turned out! I reuninted with most of the cast and crew for the evening. a "Kids Get Dead 2" is now available on iTunes, DVD and Bluray!

"Kids Get Dead 2" Premier

What an amazing night! "Kids Get Dead 2" got simultaneously released on DVD and through iTunes last night. The screening was at Tribeca Cinemas - and the film was extremely well-received! I couldn't be more proud to be a part of this project! On a side note - this film was shot back in 2012 - and a lot has changed since I filmed! Check out the film at to get merchandise and the film itself! Here is a picture of the makeup look I went for last night!  (I was key makeup artist for the actors when they weren't being offed!) Totally rocked the flats last night with a kimono! ...and here is a picture of me with the poster and actress, Vonka Romanoff at the theatre! always - stay in touch with my latest projects at