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Fashion Meets Finance at NYC's Sky Lounge

I was fortunate enough to model for Brooklyn brand, Triple 5 Soul at AKA Events "Fashion Meets Finance Party" at hot new venue, Sky Lounge. Here are a few photos from the event...

New York Fashion Week - Jinxedaposed Clothing

Well, I have been extremely lazy with my blog of late, so I thought it would be a nice way to start off by talking about the first show I did for NYC Fashion Week. I worked with a male model, Justin Rinhart on Salme Dahlstrom's music video "So Delicious".  He was kind enough to put me in touch with Texan designer, Valerie Abergo-Liszewski from Jinxedaposed Clothing. Valerie came to NYC to showcase her new range at NY Fashion Connect - and I was fortunate enough to model one of her gorgeous designs. Check out her website (and a couple of photos of me on the runway ;) )

Brooklyn Bridal Shoot - by Jason Lanier

A few weeks back, I collaborated with "LA's Best Photographer" (according to Fox News)  Jason Lanier for a Bridal Shoot. We racked our brains for a kick-ass location, and I could only suggest one place...Magicland! He had a rental car, and all of his equipment, so it made perfect sense for him to drive to Williamsburg and park his car without any dramas. Needless to say, Jason fell in love with location.  It is an incredibly versatile space - and the natural light that comes through in the afternoon is astounding. Jason also had a spare dress with him - and my Brazilian room mate, Patricia came home just in time to be a bride, too!  We threw her in the deep end, but she rose to the challenge, and had a ball.  (You can read a bit about that in an earlier post of mine  and see a shot of her with Jason in the loft) The next stop was the famous Magicland rooftop.  We waited for the sun to go down a bit to get the per

Central Park Shoot

Over the weekend, I finally  made it to Central Park.  I have been back in New York for almost 2 months now, and I have not been down there. I did a quick little summer-themed shoot with the lovely Joseph Quevedo.  Joseph is only fairly new to fashion photography, but he has got an extraordinary eye (especially, since he is only 16 years old...!...) Joseph was quite the gentleman - and got the job done efficiently.  Check out his profile page on Model Mayhem, and you'll see what I mean by an up-and-coming talent ...and as a side note, Joseph has earned big brownie points with me - his idol is Edie Sedgwick!  

Lady Gaga Shoot by Slexii Photography in Sydney, Australia

Let's be honest here...everybody loves Lady Gaga.  She is a genious - I have never seen a woman generate so much buzz...and she can sing.  I thought she was a fraud for a long time, but if you see her during her NYU days as a brunette performing,  that girl has a set of pipes - and knows how to market herself. So - when I got the opportunity to do a Lady Gaga shoot - I (needless to say) jumped at the opportunity! I shot with a young Sydney photographer called Alexis of Slexii Photography out in Inner-Western Sydney Suburb, Annandale. Alexis is an incredibly talented young lady.  She provided the wardrobe - and even designed a few of the outfits that I wore.  It was such an amazing shoot to be a party of!

Behind the scenes of the Party Ave web viral skit

I have finally landed my dream job!  I am now a reporter for "Party Ave TV" - a website that explores the social melting pot of people and music. I was certainly thrown in at the deep end on my first day, and I loved every minute of it! The first thing that we did was film a promotional skit that will be released as a web viral to promote the site.  We didn't have a good location to film at - so - I was quick to suggest the awesomeness that is Magicland...which proved to be a hit with the wonderful team. I was fortunate enough to flex my acting muscles for the video - which was nice, because I haven't really been doing all that much acting of late...and it's nice to know that I wasn't rusty. Look out for the web-viral on YouTube soon - it is going to be hilarious. I also want to quickly acknowledge the wonderful Patricia Faolli for being such a legend and stepping in at the last minute to be the other actress in the sketch, Bryan Fitzgerald for his a

A date with a Skeleton

A few weeks ago, I was sourced by "Kids With Candy" Productions to do a conceptual shoot for submission for "Details" magazine. Doron Gild (check out his work on the link posted) - came up with a concept to have an "All American looking girl" go on a first date with a skeleton.   The idea behind the skeleton was the age-old idea of a girl going out with a "dead beat". I was fortunate enough to collaborate with an incredible team that day.  We had a great stylist who works for Bloomingdale's in Soho arrange all my incredible outfits.  Jennifer Nam did an AMAZING job on my hair and make up... And the props stylists were second-to-none. Keep an eye out for the magazine when it hits the shelf!

Katie Perry Photo Shoot

I shot for the Australian designer, Katie Perry back in early March for her Spring/Summer 2010 - 11 range.  She caused a lot of controversy in the media as she happens to have the same name as the pop singer.  She was sued by Katy Perry's management - but they backed down, as her name is actually Katie Perry - whereas the singer uses her name as a stage name. We have received some publicity in "The Mosman Daily" on page 44 - so check it out online The images will be seen on Katie's website around August - so here is a sneak peak of what is coming...

Images from Rinze's shoot at Magicland

Here are some of the images from the collaboration with Rinze Von Brug at  Magicland. It was such an amazing shoot!  You can witness us singing into alligators too, by the way :) Big congratulations to my new models slash roomies - Shepherd, Armand and the very sexy Patricia! <--- cock="" didn="" i="" my="" out="" p="" rocked="" t="" tell="" with="" you=""> <---  Patricia looks so gorgeous on film!

Andy Golub collaboration...

I collaborated with famous New York body-painter, Andy Golub ( )in Times Square on Thursday. Andy is famous for painting his models in the middle of Times Square - and, on this occasion, we had an Emmy-award winning documentary crew film the shenanigans. I knew it would be one helluva day. We initially did live painting in the middle of Times Square, which attracted its fair share of attention to say the very least. Then we had a more outrageous component to the day - we crashed Maria Abramovic's "The Artist is Present" at the MoMA and upstaged the nude performance artists. Anyway...back to the story... I would have to say that taking off my clothes in the middle of Times Square would have to be one of the craziest things that I have done in my time. It is incredibly nerve racking to put it mildly. You really have to psyche yourself up to do something like it. It's like pulling off a band-aid. It's more the


The week that has just finished has been the most surreal week of my life. It all started when I moved into my new apartment in Williamsburg. It is no ordinary apartment. It is called "Magicland". It is the trippiest place I have ever seen. Imagine a place where every time you look around, you find something weird and wonderful to laugh at. We have all sorts of insane things in this apartment... kitsch LP's (artists like Wham!, Janis Joplin, Prince to name a few...), animal masks, peacock feathers, hookahs and candles with Pope John Paul 2nd. The first night I moved in, we had a dance class in the loft. It was designed to open up the chakras - so there were lots of sunshines and rainbows being made by all. I then had a bridal shoot with LA photographer, Jason Lanier. He was after a location, so I suggested Magicland to him. He just so happened to have a second bridal dress. My room mate, Patricia's came home and was surprised with her very first photo shoot!